Division B Operations

The Operations Division is responsible for concerns relevant to the commercial operation of aircraft / commercial operations of air carriers and is mainly assigned the following tasks:


  • Licensing / Entry Permissions

    • Licensing and supervision of German commercial air carriers
    • Agreements between Germany and other states on the implementation of Art. 83bis of the Convention on International Civil Aviation (ICAO)
    • Granting of exit permissions to German air carriers
    • Granting of entry permissions to foreign air carriers
    • Granting of permissions for the operation of scheduled Air services to German and foreign air carriers
  • Flight operations

    • Supervision of German commercial air carriers
    • Operations approvals
    • Collection and handling of flight incident reports
    • Cabin safety and cabin crew training
    • Approval and monitoring of duty, flight duty and rest periods of crews
  • Aviation Safety / Dangerous Goods / Occurrence Reporting

    • Ramp checks on foreign aircraft at German airports
    • Approval for the transport of dangerous goods
    • Analysis and evaluation of occurrence reports.
    • Threat and Risk Analysis
  • Airline Finances

  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems

  • Legal affairs of Division B

Additional Information


  • Please note that communication with the LBA by email or fax is unencrypted. For reasons of data protection law, we therefore recommend that you use the post for inquiries that contain personal data.

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