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Division B - Operations

The Operations Division is responsible for concerns relevant to the commercial operation of aircraft / commercial operations of air carriers and is mainly assigned the following tasks:


  • Licensing / Entry Permissions

    • Licensing and supervision of German commercial air carriers
    • Agreements between Germany and other states on the implementation of Art. 83bis of the Convention on International Civil Aviation (ICAO)
    • Granting of exit permissions to German air carriers
    • Granting of entry permissions to foreign air carriers
    • Granting of permissions for the operation of scheduled Air services to German and foreign air carriers
  • Flight operations

    • Supervision of German commercial air carriers
    • Operations approvals
    • Collection and handling of flight incident reports
    • Cabin safety and cabin crew training
    • Approval and monitoring of duty, flight duty and rest periods of crews
  • Aviation Safety / Dangerous Goods / Occurrence Reporting

    • Ramp checks on foreign aircraft at German airports
    • Approval for the transport of dangerous goods
    • Analysis and evaluation of occurrence reports.
    • Threat and Risk Analysis
  • Airline Finances

  • Legal affairs of Division B
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