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B 2 - Flight Operations


  • Examination of compliance with operational requirements for the purpose of issue, extension or renewal of Air Operator Certificates (AOCs) for commercial aircraft operators
  • Supervision of commercial aircraft operators
  • Checking and monitoring of quality and safety management systems, ground services, training, including emergency training conducted by aircraft operators
  • Issue of special permits (ETOPS, all-weather flights, MNPS, RVSM, RNAV and other special procedures to be applied to take-off, landing and flight)
  • Approval of Minimum Equipment Lists (MELs)
  • Monitoring of flight and duty time limitations and rest period requirements for aircraft crews
  • Granting of flight simulator user approvals to aircraft operators
  • Responsible handling of issues and questions in the field of cabin safety
  • Central filing and processing of occurrence reports (other than accidents and serious incidents) from operators of turbine-powered aircraft and aircraft of more than 5,700 kg take-off mass and collection of accident and serious incident reports concerning non-commercial aircraft
  • Participation in the elaboration and continued development of operational requirements, including participation in national and international bodies
Release: 2011.01.01

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