T 3 Certification / Environmental and Radiation Protection


  • Type Certification of aircraft, rotorcraft, sailplanes, powered sailplanes, airships, engines, manned balloons and models
  • Certification of homebuilts and experimentals
  • Approval of changes of Type Certificates
  • Approval of Supplemental Type Certificates
  • Participation in the validation process of German products in non-EU-Memberstates
  • Participation in national and international working groups
  • Participation in approval and surveillance of design organisations
  • Supervision of Air Sport Associations
  • Noise Certification, Fuel Venting and Emission Certification
  • Radiation Protection of flying Staff
  • Publication management for German STC's
  • Publication management for German TCDS's

Additional Information


  • Please note that communication with the LBA by email or fax is unencrypted. For reasons of data protection law, we therefore recommend that you use the post for inquiries that contain personal data.

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