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T 3 - Type Certification, Environmental Protection and Radiation Protection


  • Type Certification of aircraft, rotorcraft, sailplanes, powered sailplanes, airships, engines, manned balloons and models
  • Certification of homebuilts and experimentals
  • Approval of changes of Type Certificates
  • Approval of Supplemental Type Certificates
  • Participation in the validation process of German products in non-EU-Memberstates
  • Participation in national and international working groups
  • Participation in approval and surveillance of design organisations
  • Supervision of technical and administrative activities assigned to airsport associations by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI)
  • Environmental Protection
  • Radiation Protection
  • Management and publication of German STC's
  • Management and publication of German TCDS
Release: 2014.08.05

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