Responsibilities Division T - Airworthiness/Environmental Protection

Phone/Fax: +49 531 2355 0

Head of Division T Airworthiness / Environmental ProtectionThomas Burlage
OfficeMarlis Cours 50015099
Head of Department T 1 Design and Production Organisations / Airworthiness directivesMatthias Plehn51005199
Head of Department T 2 Continuing Airworthiness Review and Monitoring / Technical personnelJürgen Feldhoff52005299
Head of Department T 3 Certification / Environmental and Radiation ProtectionDr. Bernd Roth53005399
Head of Department T 4 Aircraft Registration / Legal Affairs of Division TUlrike Urban54005498
Head of Department T 5 Continuing Airworthiness OrganisationsJoachim Wichmann55005599
Head of Department T 6 Policy and Cross-sectional Matters of Division Tt.b.a. 56005199

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