Responsibilities Division S - Aviation Security

*Phone/Fax: +49 531 2355 0

Head of Divison Aviation SecurityBirgit Loga
OfficeRuth Blume 60016099
Head of Departmeent S 1 Legal Affairs and Administrative Offences of Division SRolf Monning61006199
Head of Departmeent S 2 Aviation Security TrainingPeter Firzlaff62006299
Head of Departmeent S 3 Regulated Agents/ACC3/RA3Xenia Ellebrecht63006399
Head of Departmeent S 4 Approval of Known ConsignorsMatthias Petersen1166499
Head of Departmeent S 5 Approval of Air Carrier Security Programmes/Regulated SuppliersKristina Hill*65006599
Head of Departmeent S 6 SupervisionDr. Marion Nikodem66006699

* in charge of the performance of the functions*

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