Responsibilities Division L - Aviation Personnel

Telefon/Fax: +49 531 2355 0

Head of Division Aviation PersonnelYvonne-Christine Dams
OfficeKerstin Willenberg    40014099
Head of Department L 1 Training OrganisationsTobias Hoffmann41004199
Head of Department L 2 Theoretical Examinations/ Language Testing/
Organisations/ Authorised Entities
Silke Maxeiner42004299
Head of Department L 3 ExaminersJohannes Waltermann43004398
Head of Department L 4 LicensingPatrick Meinecke (temp.)44034499
Head of Department L 5 Flight Simulation Training DevicesFranziska Scholz45004599
Head of Department L 6 Aviation Medicine / Legal Affairs of Division LSvenja Zimmermann (temp.)46004699

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