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B 3 - Aviation Safety / Dangerous Goods / Occurrence Reporting


Department B 3 is responsible for technical and operational inspections on aircraft

  • Ramp Inspections of Foreign and Community Aircraft

    • Performance of ramp checks at German airports according to Basic Regulation (EU) 216/2008 and Regulation (EU) 965/2012
    • Advisory service and inspection of foreign air operators in accordance with the responsible aviation authority
    • Advice to foreign aviation authorities
    • Cooperation with other aviation authorities
  • Dangerous Goods

    • Issue of the necessary permission for the transport of Dangerous Goods
    • Issue of exceptional permissions
    • Accreditation of training operators and approval of training manuals
    • Issue of permissions for the transportation of Dangerous Goods for the overflight of the Federal Republic of Germany
    • Monitoring of German air operators at home and abroad
    • Monitoring of foreign air operators in Germany
    • Monitoring of handling agents
    • Monitoring of training operators
    • Supervision of air freight forwarders
    • Cooperation with international bodies and task groups
    • Prosecution of offences
    • Cooperation with national and international authorities
    • General advisory service
    • Coordination of organisations
  • Occurrence Reporting

    • Collection and coordination of technical and flight operational occurrence reports from air carriers as well as safety related occurrences according to VO (EU) 376/2014
    • Analysis, evaluation and compilation of the occurrences for the responsible authorities
    • Coordination of measurements for further prevention of hazards resulting from occurrence reporting


      Further information of Aviation Safety, Dangerous Goods and Occurrence Reporting are published on the operations homepage.

Release: 2016.12.02

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