Aircraft Maintenance Programmes approval

AMP approval after 24th March 2020

With the amendments to Regulation (EU) No. 1321/2014, which came into force on 24th March 2020, the following regulations apply to the preparation of maintenance programmes:

For aircraft which are not classified as technically complex motor-powered aircraft and which are not used in an AOC (see also ML.1(a))

  • aeroplanes with a maximum certificated take-off mass not exceeding 2,730 kg,
  • rotorcraft with a maximum take-off mass of up to 1,200 kg, certified for a maximum of four occupants, and
  • other ELA2 aircraft,

the maintenance programme (AMP) and any subsequent amendments shall be either (see ML.A.302(b))

  • declared by the owner or operator when the continuing airworthiness of the aircraft is not managed by a CAMO or CAO--Combined Airworthiness Organization; or
  • be approved by the CAMO or CAO responsible for the continuing airworthiness management

This means that the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt will no longer approve AMPs for these aircraft and will no longer accept applications for approval of an AMP.

Templates for the preparation of an AMP according to Part-ML are not published.

AMPs that have already been approved will remain valid. During the annual review (ML.A.302(c), point 9) of the AMP, any necessary adjustments shall be made.

Owners or operators of all aircraft not falling under the above definition must have the AMP and any subsequent modifications approved by the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt.
CAMOs or CAOs-Combined Airworthiness Organization may use their own templates for the AMP. Templates published by the LBA are available in German only and can be found here (scroll down to the downloads).

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