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T 4 - Aircraft Registration and legal affairs of the department T


  • Issue of documents required for the operation of aircraft
  • Supervision whether the conditions for the granting of the airworthiness certification and registration continue to exist
  • Withdrawal and revocation of the approvals
  • Issue of certificates of airworthiness as well as of certificates of airworthiness for export
  • Issue of noise certificates
  • Issue of registration certificates
  • Granting of approvals for ferry flights
  • Provisional certificates of airworthiness
  • Non-Registration certificates and certificates of cancellation
  • Monitoring of the compliance with inspection periods
  • Supervision of continuing insurance coverage
  • Change of ownership or operators
  • Maintaining of the aircraft register
  • Maintaining of the register of space objects
  • Reservation of registration marks
  • Administration of ELT 406 MHz Codes
  • Assignment of Mode SSR addresses
Release: 2015.07.21

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