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ACC3: Accompanying documentation for consignments from third countries

We note that pursuant to Number of the Annex to Implementing Regulation (EU) 2017/815, after the security controls referred to in points to have been applied, the ACC3 or the RA3 operating on its behalf shall ensure that the accompanying documentation, either in the form of an air waybill, equivalent postal documentation or in a separate declaration and either in an electronic format or in writing, indicate at least:

  • the unique alphanumeric identifier of the ACC3; and
  • the security status of the consignment as referred to in point (d) of point and issued by an RA3 and
  • the unique identifier of the consignment, such as the number of the house or master air waybill, when applicable; and
  • the content of the consignment; and
  • the reasons for issuing the security status, including the means or method of screening used or the grounds for exempting the consignment from screening, using the standards adopted in the Consignment Security Declaration scheme.

These requirements shall be implemented with 01 of June 2017.

Release: 2017.06.01

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