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Sample Security Programme

A Instruction to creating an ACC3 security program will be published here.

In accordance with Annex 6-G of the Implementing Regulation (EU) 2015/1998, the ACC3 security programme shall set out either for each third country airport individually or as a generic document specifying any variations at named third country airports:

a) description of measures for air cargo and mail,
b) procedures for acceptance,
c) regulated agent scheme and criteria,
d) known consignor scheme and criteria,
d) account consignor scheme and criteria,
f) standard of screening and physical examination,
f) location of screening and physical examination,
h) details of screening equipment,
i) details of operator or service provider,
j) list of exemptions from security screening including equipment or physical examinations,
k) treatment of high risk cargo and mail.

The sample security programme will be published here.

Release: 2017.06.01

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