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Recommendations for ACC 3 (News)

Recommendations for ACC3

Due to the current findings on the implementation of the EU aviation security validation we would like to provide you with the following information:


  • In addition to the on-site verification an examination of the air carrier’s security programme is also an essential part of the EU aviation security validation.
  • The security programme should be submitted before the on-site verification takes place. So, possible questions, missing information etc. can be resolved in advance and delays of the EU aviation security validation can be prevented. Besides this is the necessary basis to define a realistic time frame for the on-site verification.

Realisation of on-site verification

  • The implemented processes should be described in the security programme of the ACC3. The on-site verification primary serves to observe the implementation of the processes.
  • Please note, the function of an EU aviation security validator is the validation and not consulting.
  • Generally, as much information as possible should be gathered. Corresponding documents should be enclosed to the report as far as they are relevant for the authorities’ understanding (e.g. photos). Therefore, all processes should be observed if possible.
  • Linguistic barriers often handicap the process of the EU aviation security validation. Therefore, suitable translations of the documents which are relevant for procedure should be made available in addition to the EU aviation security validator in English.

Report generation

  • Related to the time conception it is to consider that ACC3 whose designation is about to expire on 30.06.2014 are no longer allowed to carry cargo into the EU. Important for a designation beyond this date is that the reports of validation are accepted by the authority and the ACC3 details are uploaded into the Union database. Therefore, all reports should be provided as soon as possible.
  • Answering questions within the checklist (Attachment 6-C3) with "NO" or mistakes in the security programme do not mandatory lead to a negative overall result.

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