Examination preparation

I would like to prepare for the exam. Where can I have a look at the questions of the EASA ECQB?

The exam questions are based on the European Central Question Bank (ECQB) of EASA. The ECQB is property of EASA and its content confidential. Therefore these questions are not published.

Neither EASA nor the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt do work with third parties in order to publish exam questions.

For more information about ECQB and EASA, please look up the following link:

What do I have to consider if I would like to split my examination into several sessions?

If you are going to take the examination within several sittings, you should consider the following: For each examination subject you have 4 attempts in 6 exam sessions. If you do not attend to a summoned session, the trial may still be (under certain circumstances) counted as an attempt.

Example 1: A candidate starts his/her first attempt for an examination subject in the 4th sitting. As there are max. 6 sessions in total, for this subject there will be only 3 attempts max.

Example 2: A candidate has already taken 5 exam sittings, but not passed all subjects. This means, there is only 1 exam sitting left, in which all remaining subjects have to be passed.

Crediting of theoretical knowledge

Is it possible to take my previous experience into consideration for my theoretical exam?

Theoretical knowledge can be taken into consideration in order to achieve a pilot license only on the basis of Annex I to Appendix I to Commission Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011. Knowledge obtained at school, university or work is not able to be credited. This does not apply to national allowances.

Crediting according to the new syllabus

Crediting according to the old syllabus

I have a PPL and CB-IR and would like to obtain a CPL. Is it possible to take into consideration the subjects 040 and 050?

No. Credit can only be given if you take a full IR exam according to FCL.615. If you took a CB-IR exam, subjects 040 and 050 are not taken into consideration.

Language of the exam

Examination languages

Since 1st of August 2022, theoretical examinations to obtain EASA-licences and ratings (ATPL, MPL, CPL, IR, CB-IR , BIR) are only offered in English language.

Examinations to obtain allowances according to national law (flight dispatchers and flight technicians on helicopters) and airship examinations are offered in English and German.

Periods of time

When does an examination / sitting start?

An exam sitting starts from the moment you have logged into the examination system.

You can find more information in the exam regulations.

When does the 18-month-period for taking the theoretical exam start to count?

The period of time starts at the end of the calendar month in which you started an exam for the first time.

During which period of time do I have to finish my CB-IR training completely?

As the CB-IR is a modular training, you have 18 months to complete your training (see Commission Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011, Annex 1, Appendix 1, lit. Aa, no4).

Exam results

When and how will I learn about my exam results?

For the sake of equal treatment, all applicants receive the exam results of their sittings only after the complete termination of the exam week and only via postal service. During or directly after a sitting there will not be given any information about the exam running or just being completed.

The exam results are communicated via a reply about the exam session which contains as annex a status sheet and if needed an application form for another exam sitting.

The reply concludes the result of the exam session with “passed”, “not yet passed” or “failed”.

You can find more information in the exam regulations.

Repetition of an exam 

Can I repeat a passed exam?

No, an exam once passed cannot be repeated. An exam is counted as “passed” in case you answered 75% of the exam questions correctly.

Withdrawal/dropping out of an exam

What happens if I have to drop out of an exam?

In case of dropping out during an exam sitting, the candidate will be handed the form “notice of cancellation” (find here the link to the form) by the invigilator in the exam room. This form has to be filled out by the candidate and be handed in to the invigilator. Moreover, in case of illness, the candidate will receive the form “medical certificate” (Link to the certificate) with the advice to hand it back to the department L2 within 5 calendar days, filled out by the doctor. To reach the deadline, it is possible to send it via e-mail before. But it is still necessary to send the original form via fax or postal service within 5 days after the reception of the e-mail.

Can I withdraw from an exam for which I already received the exam date?

In order to withdraw from an exam, the applicant has to fill out the form “notice of cancellation” (please find the link here) completely and hand it in on time (within 3 calendar days after the exam) via fax or postal service at department L2.

The reasons of withdrawal have to be proven in principal and be handed in 5 days (latest delay) after the declaration of withdrawal via fax or postal service.

A withdrawal from the exam 14 days before the exam date is only possible in case of a convincing reason.

In case of illness a medical certificate is necessary.

Other valid reasons do also have to be proven, e.g.:

In case of child sickness: medical certificate of the treating doctor with indication of the illness of the child.

Death of a family member: copy of the death certificate

Summons at court: copy of the summons

In compliance with the deadline you can send the justification in advance via email. In between 5 days after the arrival of the email the completely filled out form of withdrawal should be presented at department L2 in paper (via fax or postal service).

Inspection of my exam

Why do I have to file an objection in order to be able to inspect an exam I did not pass?

The exam questions are based on the ECQB (European Central Question Bank) of EASA. The ECQB is property of the EASA and the content is confidential. Therefore, the LBA only allow inspection in the frame of an official objection proceeding.

Is it possible to send me the exam question I would like to inspect?

No. Inspection is only possible at the LBA in Braunschweig.

Is it possible to inspect the part of the exams I failed?

The inspection of the exam is possible within administrative proceedings reviewing an objection to an administrative act.

To do so, you have to file an objection to the examination results in which you are told the failure in the exam you would like to inspect (within 1 month after reception of the results.) During the inception only exam questions you failed are shown.

Inspection of the exam can only take place on- site, at the Luftfahrtbundesamt.

Do I have to pay for the inspection of my exam?

Yes. According to the executive order LuftkostV, part VII, Nr. 34a a fee of minimum 40€ up to the total sum of the set fee for the contested official action is levied.

If a protest is withdrawn after the beginning of handling its case, for example after the inspection, the protest will be treated as failed and the fee is due (40€ minimum).

Why can I only inspect the questions of the exam question I answered wrongly in a failed exam?

The exam questions are based on the ECQB (European Central Question Bank) of EASA. The ECQB is property of the EASA and the content is confidential. This is why the Luftfahrtbundesamt only allows the inspection of wrongly answered exam questions in the proceeding of an objection to the results of the exam.

Can I inspect an exam I passed?

No. The exam questions are based on the ECQB (European Central Question Bank) of EASA. The ECQB is property of the EASA and the content is confidential. This is why the Luftfahrtbundesamt only allows the inspection of wrongly answered exam questions in the proceeding of an objection to the results of the exam.

Validity of the theoretical examination

After having passed the theoretical exam, how long do I have time to finish my training completely?

The successful completion of the examination of theoretical knowledge is valid:

For the issuing of a license for a professional pilot, instrument rating (IR) or distance instrument rating (EIR) for a period of 36 months, counted from the day on the pilot passes the examination of theoretical knowledge successfully. 

The qualification of the passed theoretical exam for the license as aircraft pilot (ATPL) remains valid until the issuing of a ATPL for a period of 7 years from the date of the last effective date:

  1. of an IR registered in the license
  2. in case of helicopters, of a type rating for helicopters registered in the license

in order to achieve a basic instrument rating license (BIR) to be valid indefinitely.

New syllabus and KSA

What do new syllabus and KSA stand for?

The EASA is running the European Central Question Bank (ECQB), according to which exams are held.

The „new“ syllabus is the syllabus which contains the examination subject „090 Communications“. This syllabus is being examined by using the questions from ECQB 2021. ECQB 2021 is based on the “new” syllabus and the learning objectives which have been published in Amendments 4, 6, 8 and 10 with respect to AMC/GM and to part-FCL (ED Decision 2018/001/R, ED Decision 2018/011/R, ED Decision 2019/017/R and ED Decision 2020/018/R).

There has been introduced a new subject 100 “Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes” (KSA). But this subject will only be taught and examined at the ATOS and not at the LBA.

Please find more information here:

Until when must I have passed area 100 KSA?

Before you register for the last exam session with your first trial you will have to have passed successfully the summative assessments as well as the mental math exams in the area 100 KSA.

What will happen if I do not pass area 100 KSA during the exam period?

If you do not pass the area 100 KSA within 18 months, the candidate will not be able to be registered for all examination subjects.

Radiotelephony exams

Is it possible to take a radiotelephony exam at the LBA, if I do not wish to take a theoretical examination?

It is only possible to take radiotelephony exams outside of Bundesnetzagentur, in the case if a theoretical exam in order to obtain a pilot license or permission at the same time or if the theoretical has already been passed.

Because of capacity reasons, you can only take a radiotelephony exam at the LBA in connection with a theoretical exam also taken at the LBA.

What type of radiotelephony exams can I take at the LBA?

At the LBA you can only take the radiotelephony exams you need in order fulfill the rights of the license you are applying and taking the theoretical exam for.

BIR (Basic Instrument Rating)

When will the BIR (Basic instrument rating) be established?

The BIR has been established on 8th of September 2021. At the same time the EIR has been eliminated.

How long is it possible to use my EIR and what happens after expiration of my EIR?

According to (EU) regulation Nr.  359/2020, the EIR permission has been eliminated at 8th of September 2021. It means that the last time on September 7th 2021 it had been possible to obtain an EIR and to use this rights until latest 8th of September 2022. From 8th of September 2021 on, you have the possibility to obtain a Basic Instrument Rating Permission, due to your training.

All trainings to obtain EIR which were started until 7th of September 2021, will be credited fully to the Basic Instrument Rating permission until 8th of September 2022.

After 8th of September 2022 there will be no EIR permission.

Where do I find information on the BIR

Training in ATOs of other EU member states

Is it possible to take an exam at the LBA even if I took my theoretical training at an ATO not based in Germany?

Yes, there is the possibility to take the theoretical exam at the LBA, if you took your training at an ATO of another EU-member state.

In order to do so, you need the following documents:

  • Certificate of the ATO at which you completed your training.
  • Proof that the ATO is credited for the type of training you accomplished (attachment of the ATO certificate)
  • Proof, that the theoretical training had been carried out according to an authorized training program and in the scope demanded in this program 
  • In case of a distance learning course, proof of the distance study phase and the classes held in classroom training.
  • In case of trainings which need a proven already existing license, this license has to be attached in copy.
  • A written declaration that the candidate is not taking exams in another state at the moment.

Recommendation to take the exam for subjects you are applying for, shown by the signature of the coordinating trainer on the form „Antrag auf Abnahme der Prüfung“ (examination application) , filled out as well with the date you finished the subjects you are applying for (date of the final exam you took at the flight school) der ATO auf dem "Antrag auf Abnahme der Prüfung" mit Datum des Abschlusses der Ausbildung in dem jeweiligen Fach (Datum des schulinternen Abschlusstests)

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