BIR (Basic Instrument Rating)

When will the BIR (Basic instrument rating) be established?

The BIR has been established on 8th of September 2021. At the same time the EIR has been eliminated.

How long is it possible to use my EIR and what happens after expiration of my EIR?

According to (EU) regulation Nr.  359/2020, the EIR permission has been eliminated at 8th of September 2021. It means that the last time on September 7th 2021 it had been possible to obtain an EIR and to use this rights until latest 8th of September 2022. From 8th of September 2021 on, you have the possibility to obtain a Basic Instrument Rating Permission, due to your training.

All trainings to obtain EIR which were started until 7th of September 2021, will be credited fully to the Basic Instrument Rating permission until 8th of September 2022.

After 8th of September 2022 there will be no EIR permission.

Where do I find information on the BIR

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