Air Passengers Rights in case of denied boarding, cancellation and long delay of flight

Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 stipulates assistance and, where appropriate, compensation for passengers affected by the following types of flight irregularities:

  • Denied boarding against the passenger's will
  • Cancellation
  • Long delay
  • Upgrading or downgrading

The operating air carrier is obliged to take care of passengers affected by denied boarding, cancellations and long delays in reasonable proportion to the waiting time and to provide them with assistance. If applicable, affected passengers are also entitled to standard redress in the form of a compensation payment. In principle, airlines are also obliged to inform passengers of their respective passenger rights in the event of the aforementioned flight disruptions.

The regulation applies to all passengers departing from an airport situated in the European Union (EU). In these cases, it does not matter whether the operating airline is registered in the EU or in a third country (state outside the EU). It also applies to passengers departing from an airport situated in a third country and to an airport situated in the EU, if the airline is registered in the EU.

Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 applies to all air travel, whether flight-only bookings or flights booked as part of a package holiday. However, flights on which the passenger was carried free of charge or at a reduced fare not available to the public are excluded from the scope of the Regulation. In cases where the passenger does not have a confirmed booking or has not presented himself in time to check-in for his flight, the Regulation also does not apply.

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