Examiner Reports in English language

Dealing with the report of the examiner:

After completion of the skill test or proficiency check, the examiner shall provide the applicant with a signed report of the skill test or proficiency check.
One copy of the report has to be submitted without delay by post or fax to the competent authority which is responsible for the applicant’s licence (if the LBA is responsible +49 531 2355 4498 – L4 Licensing). If an Endorsement of licence has been made by the examiner, a copy of this license must also be sent. If the LBA is responsible for the examiner, the entire report of the examiner must be sent to the e-mail address All other records and their results remain with the examiner.

Changes of the content or additions in the reports are not permitted and may result in the rejection of the report.

Content inaccuracies can be communicated under

Examiner reports acc. Part-FCL
Aeroplanes (A)
Helicopters (H)
Airships (As)
Powered-Lift Aircraft (PL)



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