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Change of familiarization procedures for Foreign Examiners in accordance with FCL.1015 c) (2)

Date 2014.09.11

Examiners, holding an examiner authorization issued by a non-German, competent authority of an EU member state and wishing to conduct Practical Skill Tests, Proficiency Checks and Assessments of Competence on German-Licenced Pilots, shall study the Examiner Differences Document which is provided on the EASA website.

Regulation (EU) No 245/2014 has implemented a change to Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011, effective 03 April 2014. One of the changes refers to FCL.1015 c). Before administering a Skill Test on any license holder, whose license has been issued by the competent authority of any EU member state other than the EU member state that issued the examiner’s rights, the Foreign Examiner is no longer required to get familiarized with the national rules and procedures by the respective EU member state.

Instead, he/she is now required to familiarize himself/herself with the respective national rules and procedures through the EASA homepage.

Please download and study the Examiner Differences Document. If you intend to take a Skill Test on German-licensed pilots, please send a Test Notification to our email address Prroficiency Checks and Assessments of Competence are not affected.

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